To Do Lists are Fun

Last night I stumbled upon my gaming notebook. It’s one of those multi-subject spiral bound notebooks, and I have World of Warcraft drawn on an index card that’s taped to the front of it. I apparently was bored one night, and writing it in sharpie didn’t suffice. Anyways, I started flipping through it last night, out of curiosity if nothing else, as the last time I looked at it was a few months ago.

Guys, I found my WoW To-Do List!!!!!

Mostly, the pet battle achievements. I have written down a list of all the pets I have yet to tame in all the zones, including which zone they are found in, listed on the first few pages. The ones that are rare or seasonal, don’t you worry, there’s a big ol’ star by them. I even have the ones listed for Crazy for Cats, because reasons.

As I continued flipping through, I found my transmog section. Listed are all the armor sets I wanted to get, mainly a few for my hunter, who for a while I was seriously debating making my main for WoD. She’s gotta have a signature look! The following pages were notes that would probably look crazy to the un-WoW-trained eye. Stat weights for my alts, calculations of how many herbs/ore/leather I need to farm to get to the next crafting tier, etc.

Don’t worry, I’m getting to the point!

I am going to flesh out, and start chipping away at, my WoW To-Do List.

*trumpets blare* AAAH what?!?! Let’s not put too much pressure on myself, self. Not only do I want to finish the aforementioned pet collecting achievements, I also want to:

  • Get my legendary cloak on a character, preferably my warlock
  • Do -some- CMs. I would love to get the transmog set and mount, but hey.
  • Fully level cooking, (all the Ways) on my warlock
  • ???
  • Profit.

I actually do have a legit list, you can ignore the last two of those bullet points… well maybe the last one can stay up there. I like profit.

That doesn’t seem too bad, actually seems fairly do-able. I’ve got some old (I don’t mean in age, I mean I’ve known them a long time) friends who want to do CM’s with me, one of whom is as rusty as I am.  We just need a tank and healer…

Hm. Short post today, compared to yesterday haha! I slept in a little bit so don’t have the time I normally do in the mornings to post.

Here’s my question  that you’ll see when you scroll down after you skim over all 400 of those words! Do you keep a gaming notebook? Do you actually take the time to write down your goals and things you want to get done? Or do you just play it by ear, do it when you remember to? With the Warlords launch date as 11/13/14, there is now a limited time to get things done, if you’ve been putting it off like I have!

Have a good Friday!

4 thoughts on “To Do Lists are Fun

  1. I usually do more of a tracking diary, but a to-do list sounds good particularly since I want to level a new alt before WoD lands. Probably a good idea to plan out my progression so I can meet my goal.

    Thank for the post and the idea.


  2. I wish I still had my notebooks from my pre-WoW days. Those actually had quest directions written down because older games didn’t have quest journals. My WoW notes would’ve just been sweet gear I needed.


  3. WoW notebook? You betcha. I have a comprehensive list of all my characters, their level, race, class/spec, professions, gear, reputation, and for the leveling ones, which heirlooms I still need. I have a different notebook for all the things I eventually want to accomplish and the steps I’ll need to take to complete that. I’ll admit, I’m a bit insane! Honestly though, it’s just a good way to keep track of all that information, that otherwise I would forget or would be a pain to find out.

    As for the CMs, I have healers (both horde and alliance), and would love to come along! Only problem is school is starting, so my free time is about to plummet. But I may be able to tag along, so I’ll get in contact! 😀


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