Building Blocks

Today’s Throwback Thursday post honors the oh so addictive game of Minecraft!

This game is similar to Skyrim and The Sims 3 for me in that I have periods of time where I am obsessed,  then I move on to other games and forget about it. Normally this wouldn’t be an issue, as the latter two are straightforward single player games. However in Minecraft I have a couple of servers where I’m playing with friends, and I get the “Where are you… are you ever coming back..” half-joking steam messages, or whispers on

For me, 90% of the fun in Minecraft is just building my house and the surrounding farm, gathering up sheep, pigs, chickens, and horses for food and wool, also in a way just for the company of having something other than zombies near my house. I am not one of those people who can build the crazy huge, intricate houses, or the giant statues of real life things, but I enjoy making my own little house unique.

One of the multiplayer servers I play on, a WoW friend and I, who had separately played and loved Minecraft, were chatting in Skype one night, and we decided we would find a random multiplayer world to join, because why not? Neither of us like the crazy mods insofar as building, we prefer vanilla Minecraft, with the exception of a texture mod! It’s gotta be purty… We joined a few over the course of the night, some were very interesting, one was an entire wool world, creative mode, but the only building resource was wool. There are servers that have very precise fantasy MMO flavors, including questing, classes, and races. There are servers that prioritize PvP, which I guess draws a lot of people, although Minecraft would kind of be the last place I would look for that..

We finally settled on one, as close to vanilla Minecraft as we could find. We joined in, said our greetings, chat seemed lively and not spammy or childish like a couple other servers. We looked around a bit, decided we liked what people were building and the world, and we set off to find our spot! We picked a random direction, and off we went. My friend (I’ll call her by her online moniker, Rayah) was pretty set on going as far away as possible from everyone else, so we could hopefully find a good-sized area of unspoiled land for us to build on. We ended up in an extreme hills biome, and decided to start building our house on the tippy top of a craggy overlook. Rather, she started building, I started collecting materials. Rayah was showing me on Skype some of the houses she’s built, we were going to re-create one that she had done on a creative server.

Big House.
Big House.
Inside of the first floor
Inside of the first floor

This took a lot of snow, oak wood, and stone. Like a lot. Also a lot of spruce wood for the next floor. I think I was farming trees (and making hidey holes in the dirt) for about an hour one night haha! I think it was around the time I got the Wildstar beta invite, or around the time Wildstar launched, that I quit playing and logging on this server. That or I got consumed with wanting to build my own giant house on my own server, probably the more likely scenario, and I let that take over my time.

Nevertheless, now with school starting up for Rayah and I, we will actually maybe find time to play together haha. The summers are busy for everyone, and it’s funny how when they wind down, you have more of a schedule with gaming!

I recently (like a couple of days ago) decided to knock the heavy layers of dust off my Minecraft server, and promptly got attacked by an Enderman. After I pried myself off the ceiling, I decided I should probably remember what the heck I’m doing, so booted up a new world, and set it on peaceful, to just remember the basic controls. Then I created the world, ran for a minute or two, and found a village. Then this happened.

The beginning of an empire...
The beginning of an empire…

As per usual, I manage to find a giant hill (which I’m standing on in the picture above) right in my way. And as per usual, instead of building around it, I stubbornly build through it, in order for things to lie orderly and neat.

Yarp. Bye bye, hill.
Yarp. Bye bye, hill.

I set the world spawner to be ‘large biomes’ instead of the normal, so since my village spawned on a plain and there is one of the new crazy dark scary forest biomes (that is actually the name of it (not really at all)) next door, as you can see in the picture above. Wood for DAYS (insert joke here)

My goal now is to get my fence completed, make sure no baddies can get in, then I shall light up the interior of the area, and turn up the difficulty like a grown up, to easy. Then I can start mining, because nothing is spookier than merrily digging your way through some stone, and all of a sudden you hear things growling to either side of you. I will also collect the requisite farm animals, and try to find a temple so that I can maybe find reins and/or a saddle, when I eventually find horses! Then I shall try to recall what the heck to do in regards to enchanting and all that good stuff, so that when I go back on my multiplayer servers I don’t super embarrass myself. More than normal.

Yes I love this game. Don’t hate. It is a very fun game, mainly because for the most part I am completely in control over what is built or taken away. Except when a creeper comes calling. It fulfills that organization bug in me, and it is truly interesting how soothing it can be. There is something calming about it, that sometimes is more effective than mass murderdeath or an epic RPG story-line.

Does anyone else have this unexpectedly happen to them? A game that’s different than the norm, to lose yourself in for an hour or so?

Another question, does anyone have a multiplayer server that they play on that is THE BEST EVER, and if so, why? What made you choose that one?


Have a great day!

3 thoughts on “Building Blocks

  1. Great Blog. I too just started playing Minecraft again on a really great server. The server is full of people that used to play together on another server that is no longer online.

    I been spending a lot of time there in the last week. I also went off to far edge of the map to settle down and build my complex. I have my food sources all set now with a lots wheat, carrots, potatoes, and melons. I also have a my cows, pigs and chickens corralled.

    Starting tonight I am going to build a rock wall around my complex to keep the baddies out and build my nether portal so I can start getting some blaze rods. Need to make a brewing station soon.

    The server also has a map that updates in real time which my old server did not so that is kind of awesome as well.

    Probably will play a ton of Minecraft until 11/13/14 when WoD hits.


  2. this really makes me what to get into minecraft, especially a mp server. I’ve been solo building in terraria for so long and minecraft seems like the next step up


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