Almost had Writer’s Block

Uh oh. Writer’s block is hitting me hard this morning. Almost in the home stretch of Blaugust, and I’m wondering what on earth to type out right now. I think mainly because I’m distracted by school being also right around the corner. Classes for me start September 2nd, I’m going to be taking two classes this fall, which might not seem a lot, but I also need to work as close to full time as possible to be able to, you know, live and stuff. This has begun stressing me out already, and that’s still two weeks away. But I digress.

Hm, let’s see.. I’ve got a list of prompts in front of me, maybe I’ll pick one at random and go with it…Or I’ll just keep rambling. I recently picked Minecraft back up again, due to the slight urging of a friend and her daughter, who I joined a multiplayer server with. Her daughter is one of those people that can build those crazy, huge, beautiful buildings on that game, while I’m over here with my hut.

This brought my mind back around to a great post Belghast wrote a couple days ago, where he talked about people that tried the FFXIV free trial but didn’t end up subbing, and how that was okay. As I’ve mentioned before, I’m an introvert, I get anxious, stressed, and uncomfortable hanging out with large crowds of people, or even going out and doing something after work is too much for me. I’m getting better about it, but nine out of ten days I just plain don’t have the energy or want to do it, so I get a lot of my social interaction from Twitter, or from chatting/doing things with friends online. I’m laughing to myself, my mom has recently started reading this blog, and for her generation that’s an alien concept, but with all the gamers that I’ve met, that seems to be kind of a trend, and nothing too out of the ordinary. It’s just a different way of interacting with people, of filling that social need, and the bonus is that you can be in your comfy clothes and look like a mess while doing so!

We all want to share the things we like with our friends and loved ones, but I think we have to remember that not everyone likes the same thing, or likes the same thing with the same intensity. I love playing WoW, but some days I don’t want to play it. I did like playing FFXIV, but I didn’t feel as though I liked it enough to pay to play it. The same with Wildstar, which I’ve talked about kind of at length. After the initial new and shiny wore off, it just didn’t do it for me. I’m all about playing games with my friends, but sometimes people can feel guilted into playing it, as Belghast also talked about in his post. I’ve dealt with that before, and I’m sure many people have. That feeling of I need to play this or they won’t want to ask me to join them when we do such and such, or I have to fulfill this role or I won’t be invited to raids anymore. Sometimes that sting wears off and you begin loving it, sometimes a fresh idea on your part turns into something that makes you bitter. I am lucky to have not experienced that last part, but I know in the past I’ve asked guildies and friends to maybe fulfill a role that they didn’t really want to, just to keep the group moving forward. My brief raid leading stint taught me a lot, chiefly that I don’t want to be a raid leader. I’ll help, but I don’t want to be the one calling the shots. Too easy to hurt people’s feelings and get too narrow minded. Too easy to get caught up in it all, in the planning, gathering materials for food and flasks, making sure the roster was full, adapting the strategy a tiny bit, asking people for a little more guys, come on we got this, that turns into a few months later me realizing I was a huge bitch. And I lost some friendships because of it. Bleh.

Gaming can be really fun, a really get stress reliever, but it does definitely have its dark side, like anything else in this world. You just have to be aware of it, without letting it hang over you like some dark thunderhead.

At any rate, I’m still plugging away here, got some plans and some scheduling things still to work out with the blog (I keep forgetting it’s already been a few months since I began it, and I should probably have had all that ironed out by now, oh well) and a LOT of real life stuff to work out. I’m trying to keep real life out of this blog, but gaming is a big part of my life, so I don’t think I can avoid it entirely. Look at that. I started this with nothing to talk about, then suddenly words happened.


Have a lovely Tuesday, everyone =) If there’s anything you’d like for me to talk about, not necessarily during Blaugust only, but in general, leave a comment here or poke me online!


2 thoughts on “Almost had Writer’s Block

  1. I am like you, an introvert, at least it fits to the way I am 🙂 I use twitter and gaming to communicate mostly. I can be fine in small groups but hate it when we get to many.
    I think there has always been introverts like there is now, but things were different before, you didn’t talk about stuff like we do now. You had a role that you had to fill and that was that. How it seems anyways.

    And I know very well of the “feeling guilted into playing”. It is a stupid thing really, we are suppose to play for fun, not for others. Which is why half of the time I wish I just stayed un-guilded to just feel “free”. But on the other hand, ofc I want to be in a guild 😉

    Have a lovely Tuesday!


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