Dungeons and Druids

Yesterday was another fun day! My mom and I went to the county fair, looked at some animals, rode the Ferris Wheel, and ate some tasty but stomachache inducing fair food (DEEP FRIED OREOS). Fairs are always fun for me, maybe because growing up a small town, that’s kind of the year’s entertainment, haha. The people watching alone was worth the price of admission, which kind of makes me sound like a horrible person, even though you all should know I’m a horrible person by now, but it’s something we all secretly do.

After returning home, belly full of fair food and protesting loudly the things I put it through, I got on WoW to level my druid! A friend of mine was online, we started chatting, then I asked him if he had an alt my ‘age’ and wanted to run some dungeons? He had a warrior, decided he’d switch him to tank spec even though he only had (I’m assuming) the tank heirloom gear. After a few minutes, we queued up! We got Maraudon, the first wing, I can’t remember the name of it for the life of me because I’m a baddie, but the one with Razorlash at the end! My friend tanked it, I was flailing about in feral spec, it was pretty uneventful, but the group was good so it was fine!

*edit* I meant to take screenshots but forgot so I shall do that next time

Next que, we got the same dungeon again, as is usually the case if you’re not fully decked out in heirloom gear with full rest xp. This time around it was more of the same, I was feeling slightly more comfortable on the kitty in a group with someone else controlling the aggro of the mobs, so I was able to just go with it instead of fretting over which ability to use next. A piece of healer gear dropped, I think it was some legs, and my friend joked that the game was asking me to switch to heals. Later in the dungeon, a stamina-heavy agility weapon dropped, and he then said I should be a Guardian druid! My gears did start turning, and seeing as how my tank was a friend, I told him I would be right back, browsed my Altoholic addon for my leather healy heirlooms, mailed them over, and off we went! I was wearing half feral, half resto gear, and we queued up again!

This time we got Uldaman! Again, fairly uneventful, decent groups, first run was a bit stressful for me just because I’m weird enough about healing in WoW for whatever reason, even though I’m sure I do fine, but mainly because I was only half geared. Nobody died, except the guys with the red nameplates who are supposed to, so that is all that matters! My friend and I got a random dungeon buddy who re-queued with us, and big shocker, we got the same dungeon again. This time, like the second first dungeon when I was feral, I was a lot more comfortable.  I even threw out a couple epic Moonfires, pew pew.  I got a couple more pieces of gear, after that dungeon I remembered I should do the responsible thing and set up my gear sets, so I did that, browsed the AH and bought a couple (semi expensive) resto pieces, then off we queued for the final run of the night! Dire Maul, wheee. This group was the most talkative/fun of the night, there was some banter, made all the more fun because my friend and I are on different servers. We completed the dungeon with no fuss, other than me being myself and forgetting to do a couple dungeon quests. Picking up items off bosses is hard.

After the dungeon run, my friend and I were chatting a bit, I was partly lamenting the fact I was running out of ideas for which to write blogs about, and he went on crazy brainstorming mode. I’ve filed a few of them away for use later, they are fun ideas and if I put a little more thought into them I can make them quite fun, at least for me, haha. Stay tuned….

Happy Monday, all!

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