It’s a Hard Knock Life

When you’re a character in one of my god-mode games, I kind of feel bad for you….. As I snicker evilly and kill you off. By god-mode games I mean games like The Sims, or any other simulation game really, that gives you a lot of control over the little dudes you have at your disposal. I am slightly less ruthless in The Sims than the other games, usually I make my Simself (in various true or untrue forms) and continue on with her family. I will focus on the benevolent side of this today, and leave my evil warlock self buried for another day!

It’s a beautiful sunny day outside, I won’t ruin that for myself by talking death and dismemberment in video games ^.^

Meet my Simself and her family! She has a lot of children.

Welp. Also, dat pregnancy outfit.
Welp. Also, dat pregnancy outfit.
She aged really quickly. I guess that's what happens when you have 7 children, crazy.
She aged really quickly. I guess that’s what happens when you have 7 children, crazy.

This is one of those times that I tried to stay as true to myself as possible when creating my Simself, picking traits, hairstyle, clothing, etc that I would actually wear and do. She moved into a little house in Sunset Valley, and began exploring her new town. She quickly woo’d random bacherlor sim #3, because I didn’t do my normal thing and agonize over who she should fake marry. I just went with the first guy that started flirting back and figured that was a suitable mate.

And I wonder why I’m single IRL.

This game is fun. So fun. It’s actually running in the background now, because as is usually the case with me, when I start thinking about a game I haven’t played in a while, I want to play it. Too many games. The only stressful part is when the Sims decide to have triplets, and they are obviously all toddlers at pretty much the same time, even though I forced them to have staggering birthdays, and your Simself is a stay at home world-renowned novelist, but her husband is off being the Sim equivalent of David Beckham.  Then all of the diapers are dirty, everyone is screaming and crying, two of them are hungry, one of them is tired but wont’ sleep because the other two are crying, and your teenage son is making out with his girlfriend on the couch and complaining about the noise, but won’t do anything to help. Somewhat reminiscent of real life, although in real life you can’t save and quit the game out of frustration and go do something else.

Currently my Simself is probably going to die of old age never, and her husband is approaching the end of his life bubble as well. I might have to hasten their demise… I’m a horrible person… I’ve got the first son, the oldest son, then the twins, then the triplets.

Yer a wizard, Elizabeth.
Yer a wizard, Elizabeth.

My goal (as of right now) is to have them all move out of the horrible house I kept adding on to as my Simself kept procreating, because it’s ugly, laid out weird, and I just want to.  I don’t know if I want to keep all the kids, they are all teenagers and older by now, so I could move some out with an adult sibling and just keep the ones I want to. With six sims, once they start dating and getting married and all that nonsense, I’ll want to kill them all off, so I think I’m better off just controlling a household of two or three, and letting the others AI their way around life.

I have pretty much all the expansions, because I’m crazy and I like throwing my money at EA. I did get most of them on sale though, so that’s a plus. My favorite expansion packs have got to be Supernatural, I’ve always been a fan of that, and letting my Sims lead crazier lives as witches, vampires, werewolves, and fairies is quite fun. I recently picked up Seasons, Island Paradise, and University with the Steam Summer Sale, and those are quite fun too. Haven’t messed too much with the Island Paradise, maybe I’ll end up moving the whole family over there before I split them apart.  I could make some mermaids too. Now I’m brainstorming. See what you did?! It’s all YOUR FAULT.

Townie Sim died at a birthday party. That's a buzzkill.
Townie Sim died at a birthday party. That’s a buzzkill.

I am excited for The Sims 4, although some of the news I’m hearing makes it seem like it’s rushed, like there are essential parts that are going to be later released as expansion or DLC/expansion content, such as the toddler life stage (although annoying, it is kind of important, and seems odd to just skip over entirely) and pools (wtf, like seriously? Most efficient way to kill- I mean entertain- party guests). The new Create a Sim tool, plus all the videos I’m seeing about game play and how the Sims will now interact with each other, all looks very neat. I’m sure I’ll quickly get addicted to that one too, even with the missing parts to the puzzle. I’m hooked, what can I say? There are some games that you just love to play, even with their faults and bugs.

No words.
No words.

I leave you with that last, haunting image. I’m off to do fulfill some real life wishes (laundry, plan outfit, fix hair and face) and fill my energy meter (always need moar coffee) before I go off to the fair!

Happy Sunday =)


2 thoughts on “It’s a Hard Knock Life

  1. I love this post and have almost all of TS3 games too! I always put my simself in games but I never really play. I play it nicely too because I love these little pixelated cherubs and I’m SO EXCITED for TS4 (but probably won’t be able to afford it)


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