Feeling Lost in Lore

I think today marks the mid-point of #Blaugust? That, in and of itself, is quite exciting! Also it’s Saturday, and I’ve got fun real life things going on this weekend again! On with the show…

Warlords of Draenor has a fresh and shiny release date of November 13, 2014. With that announcement came our cinematic trailer, which was very orctastic. After watching it, I realized I know next to nothing about this upcoming expansion. In the past I’ve always been in guild with a huge lore-buff, real life things have ensued and he and I aren’t online at the same time as much anymore, so I’ve kind of lost (and greatly missed) the lore discussion that we used to have. Well more him telling me stuff than discussions, but… Combine that with my slight disinterest in WoW the last couple months, and I’m very in the dark about the expansion. I know we’re going back in time, or to an alternate universe, but that’s kind of all I got.

And that’s a weird feeling.

I love lore, I love knowing the how and why of what my character is doing, the end result of everything. I like knowing why we are taking down the big bad bosses, why the new factions are springing up, just generally what’s going on in the politics and behind the scenes in the world. I don’t have that (yet) for this expac, and that has me kind of worried in a sense. Not that I won’t play, or won’t get it, but usually by this point in the development process I know more than I do now. I guess it’s off to the internet I go, to read up and do my homework so I know what the heck I’m talking about in the future!

I’m in that in between phase in servers on WoW, where I’m leveling an alt on a server that I will most likely be calling home in WoD, but I have yet to transfer my main over. Part of that is due to the $$ involved, part is because I’m kind of hesitant to change servers yet again. This will mark the fourth server my main girl has been on since I’ve started playing. Every move has happened for a reason, some more drastic than others, and I would love to think that this will be the last move. I’ve had a tumultuous experience on a couple servers, and I’d love to have one I can just call home. There’s going to be drama everywhere, but I think this time around I really found the right group. Even if I don’t end up with a spot on the raid team (which would be fine, it’s a long established guild/group and I’m the newbie of newbies coming in so not expecting a darn thing) just a comfortable place to hang out in-game would be all I could really ask for.

*looks down, sees a low word count* Bah. Don’t tell me how to live my life, WordPress!

In gaming news, the aforementioned druid alt is now level 36, and off to the Western Plaguelands. She’s still feral spec, I’m having a lot of fun with it, although I should probably do more dungeons to practice that aspect of it. I think that’s the one reason I don’t really play melee characters in groups, because the constant running around is something I’m not used to, being primarily ranged for most of my WoW career. I don’t mind challenges however, and I’m not grooming this character (as of yet) to be my new main or anything, so we’ll see what happens!

I’m off to prepare for my day, now that there is actually an announced date for WoD, I will dust of my WoW To Do List and start checking things off!

Have a great weekend!


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