My Favorite Zones

Today I’m feeling super uninspired, so I am gladly poaching a writing prompt from the pile that Belghast has gathered together on Anook!

  • What is your favorite game biome? Games often have the same kinds of generic climates spread through the zones and levels. What is your favorite type of climate and why?

Growing up in Tennessee (for the most part) meant I was more outdoorsy than I am now. My dad used to take me on hikes all the time, our family would go camping, I spent a lot of time in the mountains and forests. Even now living in New York (state) I like to try to get to some kind of hiking trail at  least once a year. It’s fun for me, and challenging, plus some of the scenery is breathtaking. That being said I think my favorite zones in-game follow a similar theme.


In WoW, Grizzly Hills has always been a favorite zone of mine. It is lush, with the tall slender pine trees, the ground almost looks mossy and then gives way to snowy hills. The music too, gives a lot to the atmosphere. Ironically, the questing in the zone is average for me, not my favorite one to be an errand girl in. This is one of those zones where I have my little quest hubs that I go to, I know the drill, and once I do all the quests I want to, I move on.

I love this river
I love this river

Another zone in WoW is the starting area for the Pandaren. I mean, it’s on the back of a huge ancient turtle, so if that in itself isn’t cool enough… It gave a great insight lore wise to their culture, as well as the cutesy humor that was a nice break from the gloom and doom of Wrath and Cataclysm. That and playing a Pandaren always makes me smile, they are cute and I can’t help it, kay?



I haven’t explored enough of FFXIV to call a certain zone my favorite, but I do like the city of Ul’Dah. It looks gorgeous, and it is fairly easy to get around in!

Other games follow a similar theme, in Skyrim I like prowling around the mountains near Solitude, and that climb up to the Greybeards is always fun, even though it takes an hour and a half. There is something about not knowing what’s around that blind hill, climbing up a slope that you’re not sure if you can traverse without slipping all the way down. It adds mystery and challenge to the game, as well as filling that “I have to explore!” want that a lot of us gamers have.

In real life, I live in suburbia and work in the city, so for me, exploring the untamed wilderness, seeing what’s on that hill, looking out and down across the land from atop a mountain, that’s fun for me. Being of (not so recent) import to the area, snow is still enough of a novelty to me that I enjoy seeing how different games incorporate it. Skyrim in particular does very well with the atmosphere, enough that when I’m exploring a particularly snowy, windy area, I do actually feel cold!

It’s really nice to see the immersion that comes with how a climate or zone is laid out in a game. How it may influence how you feel about the game, how you feel about the questing zone, dungeon, or raid.

That’s kind of all I’ve got in my little brain for today, off to real life things now…I’m noticing my posts are short, less than 1000 words. Personal challenge, accepted!



2 thoughts on “My Favorite Zones

  1. Ah favorite zones! I’ve got a sort of split personality regarding this topic. On one side, my inner-warlock just LOVES destroyed landscapes like the Ghostlands, Felwood and Darkshire…
    On the other side, my inner-paladin LOVES the beauty and life of Eversong, Jade Forest and Elwynn Forest.


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