A Thought and a Prompt

Random thoughts flit through my head as I’m driving. I have about a 20 minute commute from my house to work, and when I’m not swearing violently at my fellow drivers, I have time to think.  Today’s random thought, as (generic pop song) comes on the radio, is how with me leveling my baby druid, the rotation is like building a rhythm, or a song. It starts out as a few notes, then you realize there is a steady beat that can then be adapted to different situations. Disclaimer here, as I don’t know a lot about songs so I might be misusing these terms terribly.


You start out, as a wee tender druid at level 6, with Mangle, Rake, and Ferocious Bite. Then more notes get added in as you level. Shred. Tiger’s Fury. Rip. Savage Roar. Now I have my routine, my little song that I play as I rip baddies to shreds. Rake then Savage Roar then Tiger’s Fury then Rake, Rake, Rake, then Rip then run to the next one. I’ve gotten to where it reminds me of leveling my warlock as affliction, having dotted targets chasing me, then circling back to loot after they die.


Does anyone else have this rhythm, this song so to speak, when they are doing their rotation on their characters? You might not call it that, but is it not kind of true? I know muscle memory plays a big part in it, even after a break in play, or a break playing characters, it only takes me a few minutes or the first part of a dungeon run to remember what keys to hit in which order. Akin to the familiarity of an old song, you know the beat, might not remember the words exactly, but you know generally how it goes, and by the end of it you’re right back on track, and love the song as much as ever =)


Today is kind of a two for one special again! I recently had a friend (who I had been bugging for a writing prompt) ask me if my WoW characters were in high school , what roles would they fulfill there? I replied that I had too many alts, and he should narrow it down, or they’d be the whole class and I’d be here for days, to which he lol’d appropriately and said okay, pick three. So then, my warlock, my hunter, and my monk.


Caewen, my warlock, would be a science nerd. She would be lurking in the lab before and after class, coming up with all kinds of crazy concoctions, most being explosive in nature. She would attend class diligently, would want to learn everything she could about every subject, as it could all be useful in some way or another. She wouldn’t necessarily be valedictorian, but she would retain all the information in a way her classmates didn’t. A deep thinker, she would question her teachers to the point of frustrating them in her desire to learn more.


Alartha, my hunter, would be involved in just about everything. She’d be an athlete, for sure, but could adapt to any group with ease. Probably the captain of the basketball or softball team. She would be involved in a lot of extracurricular things too, in the town and surrounding towns. I can see her organizing or helping with bringing new sporting events or student events into the area.  Being the girl below’s right hand woman with pretty much everything.


Badonkamonk (yes I know best name ever), my monk, would also not be able to be categorized into any one social group. Definitely never one to miss a party, everyone loved when she bring cookies or cupcakes in for a classmate or teacher’s birthday. She would organize and orchestrate most school events, and be on a lot of committees.  Wooing one of the more standoffish men in the school, snagging That Guy that makes all the girls slightly envious, but mainly happy that she dragged him out of his shell. Because happy pandas are the best pandas.

Have a good day =)

2 thoughts on “A Thought and a Prompt

  1. 1) Best monk name ever. EVAR.
    2) I have similar thoughts on my ranged and healing characters’ “Rotation” even though its not a rotation per say… I do have this feeling of a rhythm when raiding where even the constant movement and watching of the ground for aoe’s feels like a dance, while the constant casting and cooldown use seems like a song.
    On my melee characters though… None. Nada! I get no feeling of being “complete” when I play them for some reason. Everything just seems like chaos.


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