Adventure Complete! Nap Time.

*note* I am super crazy tired so if the following makes little sense, please forgive me =D Also it’s focusing more on real life/personal stuff so.. less video game stuff.. although I will be back on track tomorrow! *end note*


So, things I (re)learned this weekend:

  • I get sunburned in the most awkward random places if I don’t slather myself completely in sunscreen
  • I really dislike spiders
  • If I was suddenly thrown in (basically any) video game, I would die pretty quickly. (explained later ^.^)

I still had an insanely fun weekend, however! We left about noon on Saturday, my mom, evil stepfather, and myself, and headed to Canada. We could have sailed over, but we chose the easier route and just motored the boat the hour or so it took to get there.  My stepdad brought his surf ski kayak (very long and skinny and tippy) and another kayak that’s still kind of tippy, but not as bad. With the three of us there, we were short a kayak, but not to worry friends! We have two at the beach in front of our cottage. So off my mom and I went, trekking down the road, then through the lake to get to the beach. We retrieved the key, my mom cleaned out the kayak because I’m a small child and spiders, and off we went! It’s about a two mile paddle, but we took our time, it was the first time I had been out that way, I never thought I had the energy to do it in the past, I guess, or I just didn’t want to. Boy am I glad I did! It was an awesome trip, was really fun to go along the rocky shore, see the fish as they darted around, and have the birds give us weird looks.

SUCH NICE WEATHER (from the trip up)

Dinner found us next door at a boating club that catered to motorboats and fishermen/women. A beer, burger, and fries, along with some karaoke sung by mostly the wait staff, then we wandered back to the boat! My stepdad absolutely cannot sleep on the boat, so he went back to the cottage for the night to sleep, my mom and I hunkered in down below. I uh… kind of slept… The rocking of the boat didn’t bother me, it was the clanking of the halyards and squeaking of the fenders that kept me awake in the wee hours. That and some bird landing on the boat and tap dancing above my head.

This morning my stepdad woke my mom and I up out of our semi drowsy state by boarding the boat, which made it tip side to side. Coffee and a light breakfast, and we were off again in the kayaks! This time we went the opposite way in the bay, traveled probably 2/3 of the way we did yesterday. I had to switch paddles with my mom, the two of them had fancy carbon fiber paddles for their fancy kayaks, while mine felt at that point as if it was made of lead. Because I’m a wimp, as discussed ^.^ Then after a brief beach sit, we went to get some lunch at another boating club (there’s a lot in the area, it’s what people DO, also we’re snooty NOT REALLY) and met up with some friends there, ate some more french fries because vacation mode, then back to the boat we went, and we motored home!

It was nice to unplug for the weekend, although I admit I was startled when I turned my phone back on and saw all kinds of notifications from this site and Twitter. I like disconnecting every once and a while, we get too attached to our electronics and to the gimme gimme now now mentality. We’ve gotten used to having information and conversation right at our fingertips, whenever we want it. It was nice to not have cell phones, to have to know where my family was as we all kind of did our own thing, and know when to meet up (kind of) to go to the next adventure.

Re: third point on my bullet points above.. I’m not in bad shape, I’m not the most athletic human ever, but I consider myself in okay physical shape. However, if I had to try to do what I make my poor pixellated characters do, I couldn’t.  There’s no way I could run from Undercity to Tarren Mill without stopping to walk, or sit. I couldn’t fight the same boss fight for five minutes, let alone two hours. No wonder they call us heroes, even the casters have a lot of stamina!  I mean think about it! My warlock never works out, would probably sneer and immolate someone if they tried to get her to do crunches or lift some weights, but man she runs around all DAY when I ask her to!

That’s all I got for now, I need to make some food and get ready for tomorrow! Thanks as always for reading, I hope everyone had a good weekend, and have a great week!


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