Falling Out of Love

That’s dramatic ^.^ So is the music I’m listening to. I don’t usually listen to music when I write these things, but when I do it sounds like I’m doing a setup for a certain beer commercial.

Currently listening to: Hans Zimmer radio on Pandora. It’s nice because there’s no words, all theatrical movie soundtracks, but is good background noise to drown out the click clack of my keyboard. Anyways, on with the show.

I think I’m falling out of love with Wildstar. I got to level 30, started running into difficulties with questing, and didn’t really feel like trying with another alt to see if that one treated me better with not dying every other mob. The game is fun, the lore is amazing, the housing is fantastic, the characters are fun and very well animated, the armor is super unique.. I dunno. I’m just not running home to log in and play anymore. As my guildies/friends in-game know, I was logging in less and less frequently after the first month or so, to where I’d only log on maybe once or twice a week.

I was having a conversation with a friend about it, she made the comment that it wasn’t easy, which made the little ‘ding ding ding!’ go off in my head. That’s not to say the skill set isn’t there to properly control combat, it’s just not the same gaming style as we’re used to.  Two different people can approach the same game in two completely different ways, or in two very similar ways. It just depends on the playstyle they are looking for. I know some people will read that and scoff, and roll their eyes, or make some comment about people being ‘bad gamers’ and to you I say:

The door is thataway ————————>

Wildstar requires a great deal more of attention during combat and dungeons than a lot of other MMO’s I’ve played. The telegraph system, while cool and neat, is not very compromising. A bit of lag, a key hit wrong, and you’re dead. Not to be nit-picky, but I don’t want to have to fine tune my character like crazy, look up guides to see which skills are the ‘proper’ ones to use in certain questing areas, or against certain mobs, while I’m leveling. I leave that stuff for end-game. Sure, if I can make a vast improvement by picking up X piece of gear or swapping out X ability, I’m down. But I don’t want to be remastering my gear and abilities every time I ding or move on to the next questing hub. That isn’t fun for me. I found I wasn’t enjoying the game as much as I once was. Sure it was still fun, and funny, quirky, the music and lore were great, but there’s only so much that can hold me to a game.

It’s a weird feeling, especially since I was so WILDSTAR HYPE YAY WOOHOO with a lot of my earlier posts, so I feel like I’m going back on my feelings or thoughts. Like I’m being flaky, or untrue. Not at all. I still think it’s an amazing game, just might not be the right game for me. Which is okay! I know most of us play Many Games, it just takes a while for us MMO players to find a game that really resonates with us.  I had thought I had found that in Wildstar, but I guess I didn’t. /shrug. I’m not cancelling my subscription as of yet. I might give it another shot, try to look some stuff up and see if I’m missing something huge, but as of today, I’m kind of ‘meh’ about the game.

*morning edit*

I feel as though this is almost an apology I’m typing out for some reason. As though I’m going back on all the hype and excitement I held for the game. It’s simple though, I just don’t know if the game has ‘it’ for me anymore. Whatever that wow (not WoW) factor is that draws me in, that keeps me stuck after the initial honeymoon phase is over.

I can’t be the only one who’s felt like this, can I? Why do I feel the need to explain why I feel this way? Hmm..

Have a great day!




4 thoughts on “Falling Out of Love

  1. I don’t think the difficulty has turned me away, though the added need for extra awareness does make it a less slow-paced/casual affair than most MMOs. I love challenge as much as the next gamer, but I do miss the days of slow paced MMOs when grinding out a few levels didn’t require so much attention that I had to stop talking altogether to have enough brain space to process things so I don’t die.

    I also preferred when those slow paced MMOs required me to group to level so the socialization was part of the gameplay rather than an alt tab away.

    I’m weird like that!


  2. The need to explain is quite common especially as you indicated you originally had high prospects for the game.

    Your post is focused more on the mechanics of the game and needing the Exact loadout to combat certain enemies, which I find interesting as various posts I have seen regarding players quitting Wildstar have been more about the grind before reaching 30 than gmeplay.


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