Trying Something Entirely New

Today I’m going to try my hand at a new thing, kind of a role play narrative, if that’s even the right term. Recently I’ve been replaying through Dragon Age 2 to prepare myself and my import character for Inquisition, due out this fall. I decided to keep a kind of journal as I play, which means I’m playing at a glacial pace, where I jot down how my character feels about the decisions I make as I play. I know this isn’t a new or novel idea by far, but it’s new and novel for me, and I’m having fun trying my hand at it and exploring it. I’m playing a male mage, the mage part is nothing new, I’ve done a playthrough of the game before on a mage, but I rarely choose male characters when I play any game, just personal choice. So writing this from a masculine perspective may end up being more difficult than I anticipate, but we shall see! I’m wondering now how I should write this, should I just dive into it and tell the whole story line of the game from his perspective, or do more of a play-by-play and interject how he feels when he has to make certain decisions.. Hmm.. Going to try the former and see how it goes. I apologize in advance if this is really bad or inaccurate to the game, this is my first go so bear with me! I’m scared and apprehensive enough as is! Here goes…


I was going punch Carver if he complained one more time about how tired he was of running. We were all tired. Bethany had muttered under her breath that she and I had been running our whole life, how did he think we felt, not to mention how Mother was faring?  Actually, looking over my shoulder at her, she seemed barely winded, if anything looked impatient that we had stopped. My siblings began arguing over where we were going, I just wanted to get away from Lothering and the darkspawn. I didn’t really care where we went, as long as it was away. My sib’s bickering became too much, Mother looked pained as she glanced at me.

“-and who are you to-” Bethany began, clenching her fists as she squared up to Carver.

“That is enough,” I said with finality.  They both turned to face me, Carver’s jaw was set and I could tell he was about to be really belligerent, which we did not have time for.  “We need to get out of here.”

“Fine, but where are we going?” My sister asked, “Is there even a plan, or are we just picking a direction at random? The darkspawn can be anywhere, are probably everywhere, not to mention we have no idea where any of the Templars are!”

Mother went over to Bethany and began soothing her as I explained our next course of action.  “We will go to Kirkwall, Mother and I discussed this earlier. We have family there, and it’s far enough away that the darkspawn won’t tread there.”

That decided, at least by me, we moved up the path. Bethany and Carver continued to mutter behind me, but I ignored them as best I could. I didn’t like any of this either, but we had to adapt and get used to it. This was our life now, our old one was gone and probably burnt to the ground by now.  We made our way up a small hill, only to find a few darkspawn in our way. My sibs and I dispatched of them with ease, how odd that we were already used to fighting these ugly creatures.

As we continued up the road, we stumbled upon another skirmish. A Templar and a woman were fighting darkspawn, and as we made our way to them to give them aid, the Templar was struck down by one of the creatures.



Ugh, that’s all I have time for this morning, was struggling with writing this for some reason, possibly because it’s just totally new to me? Possibly because I just have so much REAL LIFE going on that I can’t focus properly? Not sure. Sorry, and thanks for bearing with me, I’m off to get organized for some real life quests. I’ll continue this narrative next week!


Have a good one!


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