Let’s Kill Some Stuff

This is what runs through my crazy little brain whenever I start up Diablo 3. As I’ve mentioned before, for me D3 is a great game to play when I’m not sure what else I want to play, or if it was a long day and I just want to slay. I am currently working on getting my Witch Doctor and Demon Hunter to max level, after that I’ll only have the Monk and Barbarian to level to max! Then I just have to pick which class I really want to stick to, to gear up more for higher difficulty play, if I want, or I can just continue to murderderp around on the characters I have now.

Sometimes I wonder what I'm on when I transmog.
Sometimes I wonder what I’m on when I transmog.

Recent playthroughs of D3 have seen me just going through the story line, then whatever level I end up on when I kill Malthael, I just start doing bounties to get Rifts open, and then gleefully slaying my way through those. I’m sure I don’t have my characters specced to the popular build, but I’m having fun, and that’s all I care about. I used to be so stupidly obsessed with that, with making sure my character was fine-tuned to the latest and greatest specifications some dude on the internet set forth, but now I’m realizing if I can just have fun, while still accomplishing my goals, albeit maybe on a lower difficulty, that’s all I care about. It’s not about giving up, or just going with the status quo. It’s about finding my balance of fun and work, where the fun kind of outweighs the work. After all, most of us work all day, if not longer, so the last thing I want to do is crunch numbers or read conflicting articles on why X ability works WAY BETTER than Y ability, and why you should NEVER USE Z ability ever! Cuz it’s just a game, people.

Where did this box come from, and why does it say ‘Soap’ on it? Go away, you.

One thing I have noticed though in Diablo that contradicts nearly every other game I play, is that in D3 I prefer a melee class. Every other game, especially MMO’s, I prefer a ranged class. I don’t like to be right in the thick of battle, I like being able to see the playing field, see what is going on, what everyone else is doing during the fight. Maybe because in D3 I mainly only have to focus on myself in the fight (as well as all the Bad to not stand in) whereas usually in MMOs I’m grouping with people so like to see the big picture. My focus is more drawn towards the group versus myself. Maybe it’s just that much more satisfying to slice and bash monsters to bits than to stand back and fill them full with arrows or throw spells at them, haha, it might also have to do with the camera set-up in D3 being more of a top down perspective than following my character.

In personal news- yesterday was not a fun Monday for me, I felt like crud at work for most of the work day. I hate being sick, especially so at work. I’m a hard worker, and hate when I can’t do everything I can normally due because my body is like ‘lol nope’. But oh well. Today I’m feeling better, so just have to play catch-up.

Last night I was playing FFXIV on my Arcanist (almost level 10!), with my little Emerald Carbuncle following me around most adorably.  Of most import however, I got her some pants (my character, not her pet). So I no longer have to wonder about why she’s running around in a miniskirt trying to fight things, or why so many people seem interested in talking to her and giving her quests ><.

That’s about all I have for today, I hope everyone has a great Tuesday!

Thanks for reading =)





2 thoughts on “Let’s Kill Some Stuff

  1. /offer Quest… /leer.
    On an unrelated-unpervy note: /hug for yesterday.
    On the ranged vs melee classes, completely on the ranged side. Yes melee is fun to dabble in, but there’s just something about ranged classes that appeal to my strategic/tactical mind.
    Another BIG factor in the decision making process involves pets! There’s just something about having something else may it be a demon, zombie, robot or adorkable summoned creature giving the player a helping hand / sacrificing its life.

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