Galaxies and Final Fantasy

Morning and Happy Monday!


This week should be an interesting one for me for blogging, usually I write my posts in the morning and this will be the first full work week of the Blaugust challenge. That and other real life things going on. My boss is going out of town at the end of the week and through most of next week, so work will be a bit more stressful since we’ll be down a couple bodies.


As you know, I’ve been trying to get into the FFXIV 14-day free trial over the weekend, and yesterday it finally started cooperating with me! I had to reinstall everything ever on my computer referencing the game, and do a fresh install of just the free trial patcher, create a new account, etc, due to the fact that I had purchased and played the game previously. So that was fun, and made sense, although at the time I was more in like with “I WANT TO PLAYYY” rather than thinking logically. Ah, well.


While I let that patch up and install, I went to have lunch with my mom, and after I inhaled a super delicious turkey club sandwich and fries, we went to see Guardians of the Galaxy. If you haven’t seen that movie, and you are a fan of Marvel movies, or just movies in general, please go see it. IT’S AMAZING. No spoilers here, but the story is solid, the characters are lovable, and I am totally Team Groot. And Team Marvel.


As I sit here typing this, I can see the FFXIV icon in my taskbar, and I’m getting the urge to click on it and play.. But I must control my foggy un-coffee laced brain for a bit longer! I didn’t spend as much time in character creation as I thought I would, haha. My first choice for character is a Hyur (Midlander) female, and I chose the Arcanist class. Sticking with my usual MMO guns and making a ranged damage dealer of the mage-y type. I realize that after yesterday’s chat of how I wanted a character in a game to be as not-human looking as possible (Tauren) that the choice to make one that is the human equivalent might seem a bit off, but I like the look of them, and wanted to choose something somewhat generic as my first character this time around.  That sounds weird as I read back over it, but fear not, I will have a catperson running around at some point soon, I’m sure!


First order of business, some pants.
First order of business, some pants.

In regards to Blaugust, this week you will see more of what I meant on day one when I said I would have kind of a schedule of posts. I gave myself the weekend and Monday to be kind of free days, Tuesdays-Fridays are the only days where I kind of have an idea of the theme I want to write about, and I’m going to see if I end up sticking to that or not, haha. I should try to, for self discipline reasons if nothing else!


Now then, I’m off to frolic in Limsa Lominsa for a bit, I hope everyone has a great Monday! And if you haven’t been, I highly recommend you read any and all posts with the #Blaugust tag, as there are some really great blogs out there!


2 thoughts on “Galaxies and Final Fantasy

  1. I am amped to have you hanging out on my server, and I am hoping you like the game enough to sub! 🙂 If you have any questions feel free to ask. I played for about three months after release and just now returning, so having to relearn a lot of stuff myself.


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