Change of Course

Well this morning was going to be a blog post about my return to FFXIV, but it seems technical difficulties are running rampant this morning, so nevermind. Instead you get a WoW post! Hooray!


/Strikes majestic pose
/Strikes majestic pose

I’m back! On a new server, again. This will mark the fourth major realm change, if I do move my main and couple main alts over, although I haven’t decided on that step quite yet.  I decided to roll a druid on my new home on Drenden, and as I began running through the rolling hills of Mulgore as a cat, waves of nostalgia crept over me.


It reminded me strongly of the very first time I picked up WoW, when I decided to pick a Tauren Druid, because being more of a creature than a person sounded really neat, and when my friend told me they could transform into animals?! I was sold.  I also was blissfully unaware of anything that was going on, was probably blundering around in bear form wearing cloth intellect gear, but I was having a ball. Guild Wars was my original MMO, but you could only play humans. I think the biggest lure of the Druid class, as well as the Tauren race, was that they weren’t human! Sure I could choose a Night Elf, an Orc, a Troll, or a Blood Elf, but they all still LOOKED human enough that it didn’t appeal to me. I was after that thing that would be my curse for the rest of my gaming career, finding that thing that was different, that was new!


She is level 20 now, with the help of a few heirloom pieces, and the greater help of me knowing what I am doing (kind of) now . I had debating leveling her as a tank or healer, but decided to stick with feral because it’s just easier, and I haven’t played feral in long enough that it’ll be good for me to remember how to claw enemies to death! Rawr.


Yes, I named my Alemental Stella, that's normal.
Yes, I named my Alemental Stella, that’s normal.

I’m kind of on the fence about Wildstar lately. I really only log in once a night, when most of my guildies are on, to hang out in Mumble and laugh at their antics, maybe run a dungeon, or just shoot the shite while I run around and quest. However I’ve kind of hit a wall, leveling wise. I’m at a point where I’m dying (what seems to me) a great deal more than I should to complete just the normal “go forth and gather x amount of this” quests. The game is still fun, but that fun factor wanes when I spend more time at the graveyard and analyzing my skills to see if I can get more of an edge to kill a giant bird. I’m not ready to quit, by far, housing is still incredibly fun, my guildies are super awesome and helpful and generous, but I dunno. I was talking with a friend about it yesterday, and she said that it wasn’t ‘easy’ which makes sense.


WoW is a pretty easy game, to some degree. *braces self for rage*


Sure, once you get up into the upper echelons of raiding, of PvP, heck even of soloing some content, it gets more difficult, but I can’t remember the last time in WoW I was dying repeatedly to non-elite mobs in  a mid-level zone.  I mean sure if I pull half the zone, and I’m wearing the wrong gear, or in the wrong spec, or do all that then go AFK;  but my normal spec with my best gear, trying my hardest?  That’s not really fun for this warlock. I’m not nearly ready to throw in the towel, I haven’t done a ton of research on my class in Wildstar, been kind of going by the seat of my pants, maybe there’s something I’m missing, but it’s kind of making me leery of being as bold and sassy with exploring and taking on new challenges as I was in the first few zones.


Have you ever had that? Hit that wall in a game, where you start to wonder if it’s as much fun as it was, or as much fun as you want it to be?


Thanks for reading! Have a great day!




4 thoughts on “Change of Course

  1. Have you ever had that? Hit that wall in a game, where you start to wonder if it’s as much fun as it was, or as much fun as you want it to be? <— My experience with Wildstar. Hit a wall with the leveling, it just was not fun to level and I just got bored.


  2. I love your majestic pose!

    I’m one of those who occasionally calls for WoW to be a little tougher. You’ve spurred me to re-think that position.

    Congrats on a fresh server and a new start! I always find it very freeing.


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