Many Games, Handle it!

*looks at title* Meh, that’ll do. I’m bad with titles. Sometimes they’re great, sometimes they’re uh.. Like that one.  ANYWAYS blog time. *sips coffee*


It is well known that I am an altoholic. It is also known (although probably not as widespread) that I commonly have the issue of wanting to game but not being sure what game I want to sink an hour or so into. Am I in the mood for riveting story and decision making? Do I want to just blow things up? Or is it beautiful music, and pretty colors that I’m after?


ohnoooo get out of the FIRE
ohnoooo get out of the FIRE

My shifts lately at work have been kind of all over the board, so sometimes my playtime is cut short by me needing to go to bed earlier than normal so I can be semi functional the next day. Most nights I end up falling back on D3, because it’s easy to just jump in and mess around with, or I end up starting up a game, only to get distracted by Twitter or the internet. It’s also summer now, so when school starts and I have far less time in which to escape into a virtual world, it’ll get even worse, trust me ^.^


I Don't Even...
I Don’t Even…

It doesn’t help my case that I am fairly easily influenced by my online (and real life) friends when it comes to deciding a game. Not only on a game I already own, but on new games! I’m very much excited by the new and shiny. I think I’ve touched on this before (makes note to jot down what she talks about each blog post so she doesn’t repeat herself and bore everyone), my almost need to have a lot of alts. When I say this I am mainly referencing WoW, in Wildstar I’m trying to keep myself to my spellslinger until she’s at max level, then I’ll venture into alt territory!  I think the alt thing for me is because I’m always after something new and different, but still within my comfort zone. I’m the same with games, most of the time.


I’ve branched out of my usual path with games like The Wolf Among Us, and more recently with XCOM, two games definitely not in a style I usually pick. Getting back on track, I’ve seen a lot of people talking about FFXIV, I played it for about a week when it first came out with a WoW buddy, but I didn’t want to have too many sub games then due to my financial situation. Now that I have heard and seen that they have a 14 day trial, I am all *grabby hands* It’s SUCH a pretty game, and the characters are diverse, the classes were fun, so that will be installing today while I’m slaving away at work!


It’s fun too, playing so many different games, because I get to revisit them, to find comfort and familiarity in the sounds, the sights, the story. Sometimes it backfires in games like Dragon Age 2 where I can’t remember who I was wanting to be friends with and then I end up remembering that no, I didn’t want to be friends with you, I wanted to be friends with HER and now it’s too late and the Aristok is punching me in the face HALP. Games like Minecraft, Spore (featuring the ‘lovely’ creature above), or The Sims 3, those are super easy to pick back up where I left off, and carry on as though no time has passed.


Just Keep Digging...
Just Keep Digging…

What about you? Are you easily influenced by friends, both online and off, in the games that you choose to pick up? I don’t know many gamers that stick to one game, I think it’s a running theme with us to try different things, to see different worlds, how different storylines progress and how mechanics vary.

Happy weekend!


3 thoughts on “Many Games, Handle it!

  1. I used to be influenced by my clan mates games of the moment, however over the years I slow came to understand that I don’t need to play everything they are.

    I now play games to team with clan mates but generally I don’t go out of my way to purchase games for this reason.
    With my steam library filled with games I have more than enough single player experiences to keep myself occupied.

    Until Elder Scrolls I hadn’t been in at the start of an MMO for many years.


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