The Journey Begins! Again…

It begins… Blaugust! 31 straight days of blogging, from myself and other participants! I have been really excited about this since I heard about it, I think it’s an amazing idea and will be a really fun contest! I am taking it on with the mindset of it being more of a challenge than a contest, I’m not a super competitive person, and that might give me negative feelings I would rather shoo away!

If you follow me on Twitter, you’ve no doubt seen my 100 Happy Days post, I’m on day 20 something of that challenge, which I can already see is helping improve my overall grumpiness levels. I’m very much a warlock in real life, too, but I am working on that.

My personal goal, other than to actually spit out some words in some semblance of order once a day, is to diversify my blog posts. So far it’s been me talking about this game, and that game. I want to branch out into topics, more than just games. If those happen to be part of a game I happen to be playing, that’s cool, but if I see an article, am involved in a conversation in real life or online, or something else that piques my interest, I want to feel comfortable talking about it with all of you, and not worry that because I’m not writing about a vidya game, the interest will wane. I also realize I talk more about what I want to do than to actually do it, which I am also planning on tackling.

If you happen to see some sequence to my posts this month, it’s not a figment of your imagination. I have tentatively laid out a ‘schedule’ of posts, certain themes I want to talk about on certain days, etc. I think this will help me stay on track and help with writer’s block, especially since I’ll be posting every day, not just when I feel like I have something to talk about.

That being said, I am super excited, and ready for the challenge! I think. Hopefully.

I renewed my WoW sub yesterday, I had been forced to drop the sub partly for financial reasons, but partly because most of my friends are playing other games. However, I had an epiphany where I still have things I want to do before Warlords drops, and if I sit around waiting for my friends to come back, I might be sitting around a while! So I’ll be further chronicling my adventures getting my legendary cloak on my warlock, as well as leveling new toons and settling in to a new server!

Oh! And if you like, leave suggestions/prompt ideas in the comment section below (or on the Twitters)! It’s fun to see what other people want you to write about, and it’s an extra challenge, picking up an idea someone else has that you may not have thought of!

Happy Friday =)


7 thoughts on “The Journey Begins! Again…

  1. This month is a good opportunity to try branching out and talk of other topics as you say, and to find out how you feel about it 🙂 if it doesn’t work, doesn’t matter, can always go back to normal next month or change track as you go along 🙂

    Good luck!


  2. Welcome back to WoW, don’t know how long you were gone, but probably not that long 😀 Still have no legendary cloak, not bothered, cause.. IM LAZY!

    I have no topics for you, I don’t even have topics for myself, I am just going to figure it out when I sit down. Today I talked about old games I played as a kid 🙂 Trips down memory lane can be cool, sometimes.


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