I’m Still Here!


Hello! I’m still around! I’ve been infrequent with my posts, but I’m lining things up and getting Organized!

Today’s brief topic, as I’m realizing I have to go to work this morning like an adult: What’s your go-to game? The one you pick up after a long day, when you may not have a lot of time, or just want to semi-mindlessly get something done?

Yes, pink armor. But I will slay demons nonetheless
Yes, pink armor. But I will slay demons nonetheless!

For me it’s Diablo 3. I can hop on, do a Rift or two, or just mess around on an alt for a bit. I can usually find a buddy to run around with also, which is always fun! I’ve played through it enough that I know most of the fights, and although the story is engaging, it’s something I don’t have to pay a ton of attention to. Very little decision making, other than which way do I want to go around this map, clockwise or counter?

This isn’t to say anything negative about the game at all! It’s just my semi mindless murderdeath therapy after a long day at work, or a semi stressful day when I have to remember that PvP in real life is somewhat frowned upon.

What about you? What’s your go-to game? The one that helps you de-stress, or one that you just enjoy so much it runs through your head during the rough points in your day?

Before I go, Blaugust is coming, and if you are a blogger, or want to see what it’s all about, linky is linked!

That is part of the reason I’ve been lax in blogging, fall semester is coming up, and I’m trying to get myself organized for that, as well as for preparing my fingers and my brain to type up a blog post every day!

Have a lovely day, and thanks for reading my teeny post this morning!


One thought on “I’m Still Here!

  1. haha, I love that term “semi mindless murderdeath therapy” it’s exactly what I need after a long day too. Screw getting massages, that’s the easy to achieve path to relaxation


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