One Month Later

It’s been a little over a month since Wildstar released, and I am still having a blast. I know I keep using that word to describe the game and how I feel about it, but it is completely true. By now the new and shiny has worn off, I’ve got my main character a little over halfway to level cap, which is 50, and I’m starting to get into the mid to later parts of the game.  The lore is really starting to get me involved, more than anything I like to know the how and why of what my character is doing, which also makes it fun to play on an RP server. I’ve started dabbling in RP, I’ve never really done that before, I missed out on the D&D era of heavy RP so I’m definitely a newbie at it, but the little interactions I’ve had with random people are fun and different than the ‘go here and kill/collect this’ quests that I’m so used to. Not that Wildstar’s quests are that simple and straightforward, far from it.

The questing is dynamic, sometimes the breadcrumbs get lost, but that leaves you free to explore, work on your path, or professions, or simply hang out in town or a quest hub and observe the NPC’s.  I’m discovering that sometimes if you sit in a quiet corner, there will be a conversation or interaction between NPC’s that is surprising or charming. Adds more flavor than everyone just standing there stoically, looking around for an adventurer to boss around.

I am an altoholic. In every game ever, I am quick to make as many classes as I can, mainly because of the ‘ooh what can I make this one look like’ factor, but also because I like seeing how the different classes work and benefit each other. I’ve reserved some names, have a couple level ones hanging out in character selection that I’ve never actually played. I’m greatly enjoying my spellslinger, she is so damn fun to play! I’m still playing her as a DPS, I think if I were to try to change to heals now it would be difficult, we’ll see what happens at max level, but for now I’m fine just pistol slingin’ my way through this new world. I’m honestly not sure what class I would want to roll next. There’s the Warrior, pretty self explanatory, though I’ve never been a huge melee DPS fan. The Stalker seems neat, stealth would definitely be a nice tool to have in my arsenal, especially now that I’ve seen more of the zones and questing, but again it’s a melee class. Medic seems really neat, and a possibility for a healing class! Esper is similar enough to the Spellslinger (ranged and healer) that I probably wouldn’t pick that one right away.  Engineer seems neat, I played it in beta and wasn’t enthralled though.  Hmm.. Thoughts? Haha. This will test if anyone is actually reading or if they’re just skimming ^.^

I’ll include some gratuitous screenshots below, but first a question for you! What keeps you playing a game? What is the ‘yep, I’m sold’ factor and how do you know you’ve reached that point? Is there something about a game that immediately turns you off? For me it’s how the game looks, for starters. Never hurts to see gameplay, or even be invited into testing phases of the game to see how it runs, how buggy it is or isn’t, and how it looks.  I like a game that is a little different, stands out from the crowd.  Sometimes I’ll even follow a friend or group of friends to a game, to try it out. But I’m not just asking about what hooks you in, I’m asking why you stay? Even a game like WoW, which a lot of us are taking a break from, still brings us back in when new content gets added (for the most part). What is it that keeps you there? The time you’ve invested? Friends, or guilds?  That when you start the game up and start doing your thing, a smile creeps across your face? Is it the music? The crafting? Let’s talk about it!

Screenshot time!


Hanging with some guildies =)


I mean look at that raid marker tho! ADORABLE


Just another day in Whitevale

Have a great day!


One thought on “One Month Later

  1. For me, it’s the lore, the story, the interaction with guildies, the fun of doing quests and leveling through new content. Even when there’s no new content, there’s still achievements to strive for, and the social element. Plus the fact that it’s just plain ol’ FUN!


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