Blogger’s Block

There has been one question on my brain the past couple weeks:
“But what do I WRITE?!?!?”

I have been having severe difficulty with coming up with ideas for blog posts lately. I feel like I should only write about WoW or Blizzard games, since that’s been my MO (and MMO lawl) since I started this blog. However, like most people (not playing in the beta) my interest has waned. As I’ve mentioned before, not many people I know are playing it at the moment, not sure about where my digital self is going to be living come Warlords, so that’s kind of at an impasse.

I know I can write about other games, I know I have before, I just feel like it’s coming across as forced. Like I have to write it as if it’s a review. I can’t tell a story, or explain something cool or fun I did, or explain HOW I did something (I’m probably never going to be a guide writer, I usually find out about thing a year after everyone else =P) More and more often I find myself turning to friends for ideas for posts, which is neat because it gets the wheels turning, but more often than not I scrap the idea because it just doesn’t seem good enough to post, or it’s too silly. Yes I’m aware I write with a sense of humor (at least I think I do >.>) but sometimes I want to be more serious.

This is one of those times.

I have to get over that fear. I have to allow myself to fail, to have the posts that aren’t as high of a reader count (I KNOW I KNOW DON’T LOOK AT THE STATS I’M SORRY BUT I DO), to post something that might not be the popular opinion. I’m an anxious person (also majorly an introvert) by nature, I care far too much for what others think of me. I have an amazing group of fellow bloggers (dare I say friends) that I know support me as much as I do them. I can’t worry about it being silly. I can’t worry about people not liking it. I just have to do it. Even if my word count isn’t super high, even if it’s not some stirring article that gets people talking on social media, or in the comment section, I am doing this first and foremost for ME, so therein lies the issue of me allowing myself to do that, and to not worry about what other people think (unless I’m being super offensive, which I don’t see myself being).

I talked about this earlier in the NBI, the fear and getting over it, but I’m a couple months in now, Life has happened a few times, as it always does, and it’s always good to go back and reevaluate things, to look at the past to determine the future. I need to get back on track with scheduling blog posts, planning out in advance what I want to possibly post, then picking one and going with it. Life will only become busier in the fall, when classes start back up again, so if I get my blogging self semi organized now, it will only become easier to adapt it, than to start from scratch.

Thank you for reading my semi word vomit this morning, had to get it off my chest, and this is a good way for me to do that. I’m trying to work on being more positive in Life, and since this is a part of that, I will strive for that here as well. So this isn’t a woe is me post, this is a I’m going to change shit post.

If anyone does have suggestions or comments, PLEASE leave them below, don’t be scared =D

Hope everyone has a great weekend, and Happy 4th!


One thought on “Blogger’s Block

  1. The secret to stats is to realize that if you make a post containing very popular, commonly searched for keywords, you will garner a ton of hits.

    Then you figure out that none of those individuals (or maybe they’re just bots) might actually stay to read what the post was -actually- about, and suddenly quantity of hits becomes a lot less important a measure of self-worth re: your blog posts.

    Write about what you yourself feel like posting.

    If you’re not sure what that is yet, it doesn’t hurt to experiment. Play something. Blog about what you did or played. Take a few screenshots, post it, with or without additional words. Blog about what you like, blog about what you hate or bugs you.

    Try not to assume too quickly that something’s not good enough. Sometimes, the posts that attract the most attention or discussion are hasty incompletely-formed thoughts, but others may find something in it they like and expand it from there. Stuff like that is hard to predict and you’ll never know which one post of ten will do it, unless all ten get posted to begin with. 🙂


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