Wolves and Bastions

Morning! You get a two-for-one special this morning! I’ve wanted to write a blurb about Bastion and The Wolf Among Us, and figured I would just put them in the same post! *note*  I feel as though every game I talk about I have to write as though I’m un-officially/officially reviewing it, but I’m mainly doing this to talk about the features I like,  and maybe to get a discussion going on gaming. *end note*

What would you do, how would you react, if fairy tales all of a sudden were true. All the fables, the stories we grew up on, no matter which country we’re from? Little Red Riding Hood, Snow White, Beauty and the Beast. What would it be like if they still existed, were trying to cope in today’s world? I’ve always absolutely loved books like this, it is neat to see a different side of the tried and true stories you pretty much know by heart, or even to see another side of the ones that have already been rehashed in pop culture. A friend was talking to me about this game a while ago, but I wasn’t keen on buying a ‘maybe game’ at full price. I like sticking to my comfort zones, RPGs and simulation games, and I wasn’t sure if this game, which looked kind of suspenseful and dark, would fit the bill for me.

Suddenly, Steam Summer Sale! *throws money at computer*

Wowzers, this game. Just the beginning credits had me hooked. I’ve never played a style of game like this before, where it looks like a comic book come to life. I know there’s a more technical term, but my blog so I will use my words! The music was a little haunting, but catchy. Reminiscent of an old cop/crime drama show.

I’ve only played about an hour or so, still on the first chapter of the game, but man is it cool.  Combat and movement is neat, it seems to play more like a movie, with the emphasis on little-to-no-movement, focus is on story, on interactions with characters and the choices you make in dialogue. Combat was neat, depends on timing and pressing the right key to do it correctly and not get your arse beaten. The acting is good, the characters are very well animated and unique. I was completely hooked and drawn into the story after about 15 minutes.

Bastion! This is another game that is stellar. This one has had rave reviews, I played it for a bit when I first purchased it but then let it fall to the wayside as I got involved with other games. I recently picked it back up, and I forgot how wonderful it is. The music alone, I could just let that play and be perfectly happy. Add to it the Narrator, the humor, and the mystery of what happened with the Calamity (where is everyone?!), and you’ve got me hooked! I HIGHLY recommend this game, it’s a really fun, colorful platformer, and just a really well done indie game! It’s easy to pick up for a few minutes, or let myself get immersed for hours. Love games like that!

At this point in time, I am bouncing around between a few different games, so it’s always very refreshing to run across a game (or two) that holds my attention, where I don’t get bored after an hour or so.


What makes you try a new game, or genre of game? Recommendation of a friend or coworker? The fact that it’s on sale, and only a few dollars, so why not? Rave reviews? Let me know below =)

5 thoughts on “Wolves and Bastions

  1. I usually try new games based on recommendations from friends or when Steam has a good sale. I recently bought Democracy 3 and the jury is still out on that one. Not sure If I like it or not.

    I am kind of wishing I bought Wildstar though and played since launch. Maybe I will pick that up sometime this week.

    WoW is kind of dull at the moment and I am only logging on to raid and to work on one of my alts.

    None of my friends play Wildstar though so I would kind of be on my own which would be new for me for a MMO. Maybe that’s a good thing.


  2. Just FYI and off topic: you may want to update the tagline for your website. it still says “A great WordPress.com site!”. Just in case youre not sure where to fix it: go to your blog Settings. You’ll see it right where you type in a blog title.


  3. The Wolf Among Us is crazy good. I’m loving it MORE than the Walking Dead, because I just dig Vertigo comics and the darker, more noir style, mixed with a good dose of urban fantasy.

    I played through all four available episodes in one day, and am seriously considering at least one or two more play throughs to go for the unexplored options and morality/attitude stances, which is something I just couldn’t bring myself to do for Walking Dead. Protagonist didn’t really resonate with me that much (too much of a blank slate) and had it up to here with zombies, after a while.


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