Make a House a Home

People joke about the end game for Wildstar starting at level 14, which is when you unlock your floaty housing plot in the sky. It’s funny, because it’s almost completely true. I’ve joked about it on Twitter,  but in all honesty, most if not all of my money goes towards my house. It was slightly more difficult than it should have been for me to save up money for my mount, which you can get at level 15. I am definitely NOT complaining about this, by the by; it is an addition that a lot of people love, even if they won’t admit it. It gives creative outlet, and I can see it being a very zen thing to do, especially for raiders.  Rough night? Too many wipes or mistakes? Go rearrange some trees, yo.

One of the features I am very much looking forward to in Warlords is the Garrison feature. If anything, playing Wildstar, creating my (albeit simple, when you see what else is out there) house, my space, has made me quite excited! I know that Garrisons won’t be nearly as customizable as the housing plots, but the feature of doing SOMETHING other than group PvE or PvP content, something other than dailies, something other than grinding professions, something OTHER than sitting AFK tabbed out in a capital city, gives me great joy and makes me very optimistic!

WoW is very much in a dry spell, I’m feeling it greatly the more that time goes by. I’m more than likely at this point switching servers, but all of the people in that guild I’m switching to are in Wildstar at the moment, and we’re all having way too much fun there, or have let subs lapse, to play much in Azeroth. Which is okay.

It is okay to like more than one game at once, shocking revelation, I know. Yeah, bold and italics.That’s right.

Not only is housing in Wildstar a good creative thing, as I mentioned above, but it is fun as all hell, much like most other things in that game! When I kill a mob, or complete a challenge, I don’t know if I’m going to get crafting materials, gear to drop, or a tent.  I can right click the tent, chair, lamp, FAB Kit (basically a blueprint for a unique building you can place on your house), whatever in my inventory, send it to a crate that holds all my goodies, then teleport over to my housing plot and maniacally cackle as my killer space squirrel sets up a triangular brown tent over a giant purple dinosaur plushie (seen below). It’s totally normal.


Here you can see there are defined places for you to set things, but anything other than that you are free to move around as you see fit!



Here’s an interior shot, needs some work, but I like the color scheme!





Aforementioned plushie with tent!



Here you can see the simple mode for resizing, moving, and rotating items.


I’ve kept this one short and sweet. My WoW-related posts might slow down as I mention other games I play and enjoy, but closer to WoD launch I will definitely get back into WoW with a vengeance! I hope everyone has a great weekend!

One thought on “Make a House a Home

  1. I had plans to just stop by my house and just put down the crap I would get while I leveled. But I am absolutely hooked on housing. I’m broke constantly cause I NEED things for my house all the time. If I get an item while questing, it’s right back to my house and put it in, no matter what it is ahha. I love housing now, in Rift I did not like it at all.


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