Isn’t She Lovely

How much does your character’s look matter to you? Is it all about performance, or do you want to look badass, quirky, or cool as you pew pew?


Not referring to character creation per se, we’re all aware of the upcoming plastic surgery being applied to our characters in WoW. I’m talking their armor, weapons.  Their general look and feel. After all, you have to look at your character ALL the time, so why not make it something fun to look at?


LOL Outland armor-it burns us, precious


The below theme is currently the one I’m currently running on my warlock, anyone who follows me on twitter has seen this in my header there. I absolutely LOVE this tier set. At first the helmet threw me off because of the massive horns, but that quickly faded the first time I hit the space bar.





They’re so fun, so frivolous, don’t do anything to help my damage or ability to not stand in Bad, but man are they cool. The coloring of this set is fantastic as well! It really screams “Hi, I’m going to kill you painfully while cackling gleefully,” amirite? It’s just such a warlocky set!!



My warlock’s imitation of a hunter.


When I first got into mogging, I would look at tier sets. They already matched, and a lot of the content I didn’t actually raid in, so to me they were new, cool armor models. I’ve been expanding that into the so fun game of finding pieces of armor across all levels, zones, tiers that somehow matches and blends together in a common theme. I run old world raids pretty much on a weekly basis, hoping to get that one piece to drop. On my warlock alone, I probably have about ten robes that have drawn me to keep them in the hopes of finding matching shoulders, helms, etc. A lot of these I picked up at random, running old raids for chances of getting a mount to drop.

I’m working on collecting a set for my hunter, also probably for my priest and paladin. I’m bad at neglecting my alts, but if I put forth the effort to make them look nicer on the login screen, maybe I won’t feel so guilty that I only log in on them never.

I’m going to put something in here that I almost didn’t, just because for whatever reason, I’m shying away from writing about other games in this blog- I feel like it’s too new, not established enough, for me to flail about and touch on different topics. Then I realized it’s my blog, and I can put anything on here I want. I shouldn’t limit myself to just one game, even though it’s one I love playing, when I spend a lot of time in and equally enjoy others.

I wish Blizzard would implement a similar feature in WoW like they have for transmog in Diablo 3. I don’t have to have my bank or bags chock full of gear, once I learn the skin, it’s there forever. Blizzard did change it so that the items don’t have to be in your void storage, but I would still like more bag space, please. I don’t mind if it charges me a little bit more to mog it, there’s a lot more that I want to collect on my warlock, but I am limited severely by the space that’s available to me. Which is a shame.

On another branch of that thought, it would be neat if you could mog cloth armor to plate, or plate to cloth. Imagine a warrior tanking an instance, wearing a beautiful gown! Or a warlock in full plate armor, blasting enemies with fire! Or a hunter wearing all the armor they need on anyways! (It’s a joke, put down the pitchforks)


TL:DR? I really like the transmog feature. I think it’s a brilliant way for people to see the old content, even if they steamroll through it and ignore most (or all) of the mechanics.  Blizzard put (puts) a ton of work into this game, and it’s really nice that people are experiencing it! It’s a really fun aspect to the game, made even more fun by the recent news that they are bringing back quivers, librams, etc! The look of my character means a great deal to me, and I’m very pleased that it is a feature in this world that we all inhabit!

Thoughts are always welcome below!



3 thoughts on “Isn’t She Lovely

  1. Transmog kept me going for a good while after I burned out on the MoP content, and I find that a good cosmetic system really encourages me to invest in my character (which, in turn, means that I enjoy playing more). DCUO has a fantastic, open cosmetic system that I’m absolutely in love with. TSW’s system is also fantastic in having gear and cosmetics completely separate allowing for some unique and personal looks.


  2. I like transmog. It allows us creativity as well as keeping all our toons from being “cookie cutter” as we all got tier gear. I can create a look that is recognizable by guildies as “me”. My mage is rocking her fedora!


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