Healing? You mean a healthstone, right?

Meet Dylena!


She’s a shaman (with a photobomb by Snuggles ^.^). If you.. Couldn’t….tell… Any who, she’s my latest project, which is to level a character to 90, using only the dungeon finder (and picking flowers)! She’s currently level 34.  No questing- kind of burnt out on that- and besides it gives me more practice on a role that I’ve been afraid of for a while, which is healing.

Back in the day (WotLK) I raided on my warlock and on my druid, who was a bear and a tree. I tanked through ICC, and a few other raids in Cata on her, and greatly enjoyed it! I also healed. This was back before the overhaul healing received right before Cata released, and therein lies my fear.

I remember it clearly. One day I was healing our main tank though dungeons, for achievements as well as gear for a guildie’s alt, if I remember clearly. Anyways, I was healing fine, heroic dungeons, the tank was pulling ALL the things, and it was fine! Then I went to do the same the next day. I had known that healing was going to change a bit, mana and mana regen was going to change a LOT, but boy was I utterly unprepared. It was…. Bad.  Really bad. Since then, I have not experienced that level of embarrassment in game, ever.  I felt completely helpless. I couldn’t heal. I was hitting the buttons (literally), was using my cooldowns, everything. We wiped. Time after time. On a dungeon I had run not even 24 hours before.

Now, the couple-years-older-me is looking back at this, and would have approached it differently. I would have run a non-heroic dungeon, with only guild members, after extensive reading and research on how my class had changed, and how to cope with the change. But I had that feeling of ‘nah, I got this’ which proved to be my downfall.

I was unprepared, I got scared, and I gave up. That one experience shied me away from healing for the rest of the expansion, past a certain level. I leveled a priest, she had a healing off-spec, but once I hit cataclysm level dungeons I would just go in as shadow. Same with another shaman on another server. Now I’m sitting here, at the end of the expac, with a lot on my to-do list, and this is one of the main ones. I want to conquer this fear. I know I am capable of doing it, I just have to overcome that fear of failure, of being embarrassed.

That’s where the anonymity of online play is my friend.  I can make mistakes, fail, learn. Yes I’ll deal with backlash from my group, will probably be kicked, will be called names, but I can find safety in not really knowing who I’m with.

I touched on this in an earlier blog post; I have my comfort zone, which is with ranged dps. I miss healing though. Yes it was stressful, but when I did it correctly, when we downed the boss or finished the dungeon, I almost felt more a part of it than when I was standing in the back flinging spells around.  Plus, what better time than at the end of the expansion, with the new one looming on the horizon, to try a new role? Who knows, I might overcome this fear and end up greatly enjoying it! 

Question time! Has anyone else ever experienced this? Being afraid to try a different role? Any tips on how to overcome this? Should I go the guildie/friend route versus the random human route for the higher level dungeons, where my scaredy-cat feelings come into play?

Or am I just a spaz? It’s known. 


Edit: My warlock is viewing me with disgust right now. “Healthstones are for healing. When those fail, a soulstone. Death and destruction, don’t help people, what is wrong with you?”

3 thoughts on “Healing? You mean a healthstone, right?

  1. Truth be told, I am terrified of tanking. I leveled Fussypants as protection, but once I hit max I chickened out, and switched to holy full time (which isn’t really chickening out, because I’d never healed, but now I don’t dare switch back). I’m really worried that I’ll die or lose aggro and people will yell at me. One of these days though, I’ll try again….
    As for your predicament, I’d suggest going in with random people first (it will keep you on your toes and you will learn how to react both to the lack of communication and the people you don’t know). HOWEVER, make sure to warn the group that you are new to healing. Most people will be absolutely fine, and those who throw a fit aren’t worth running with. Good luck with healing!!


    • Thanks for the reply ^.^ I always found tanking to be quite fun. The only times it was stressful for me was if I didn’t know the fight, mainly if I didn’t know the taunt rotation, or what the Big Bad Attacks were. I was lucky enough to be tanking with a very good friend when I was doing that, and he was quite supportive and helpful.

      I will definitely give people the head’s up that it’s my first time healing when I enter a ‘new’ dungeon. I’ve run them enough that I know the drill, but healing and tanking is always a different kind of knowledge/awareness when you enter an instance.


  2. I liked Fussypant’s comment: “those who throw a fit aren’t worth running with”. I’ve run into that several times, to the point where I don’t dare say that I’m not 100% familiar with a fight, because then I’m either promptly kicked or given an unnecessarily hard time.

    Disc priest healing in MoP has been a blast for me. It’s something new that I’ve tried in this xpac, and I love it. Now I’m reading WoD beta notes, and knowing that healing is going to change pretty radically has me wondering if I’ll be able to keep up and do as well as I am now.

    What I will do is study up on the changes and make sure I’m ready when the new xpac hits. In the past I was like “Oh, I’ll learn it as I go, and pick up tips along the way.” This time I’ll be checking on Icy Veins and other really useful sites ahead of time.

    If disc healing proves to be so ineffective in WoD that no raid leader wants one on a team, then I’ll learn another healing technique. Or maybe I’ll blow the dust off my hunter and play that one. Haven’t raided on a hunter since WotLK.


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