The Freedom of Summer

Spring has sprung, people.  I don’t know about the rest of the country/world, but this has been a terribly long, brutally cold winter. I picked a good one to move out by myself, huh? Today marked the end of my semester, took my last test in accounting, done with that nonsense. I’m probably going to take two classes in the fall semester, otherwise my 2-year Associate’s degree will take me about 8. I know that there’s no rush, but I would prefer to get it over with, mainly to preserve my sanity.  One of my best friends worked full time, and went to school full time, and I am forever going to be in awe of that. I’m exhausted as it is, working mostly full time, and just taking one class. 

With only work on my plate this summer, I am very optimistic about the summer. Heh. Only work. I’m sure in about a week or so, I’ll be right back to being as busy as I was, if not more. I’m going to continue to pretend I’ll have a ton of free time though, dangit.

I’m still quite happy/excited to be working with the NBI, I haven’t had as much time to participate as I’ve been wanting to, but now that my schedule is a bit more relaxed, hopefully that will change! I am really happy to see all the people in my WordPress feed, and even my Twitter feed, posting their articles and getting feedback from the community. It’s quite awesome! I’m trying to get better at posting on a regular basis, and to stick to a common theme in my posts, instead of wandering everywhere, like I usually do. Perhaps that’s just my style of writing though. Stream of consciousness.

 I am probably going to extend my blog out into other games, but I’m going to try to keep it focused on WoW. I do love the game, still enjoy playing it, still have PLENTY on my to-do list.

For those keeping score at home, and sighing in exasperation:

-Still need to finish the legendary cloak quest on my warlock

-Still need to actually see/finish SoO

-Still have crafting I want to level/work on before WoD

-Still working on leveling battle pets

-As always, occasionally running dungeons/old raids for transmog/mounts/pets.

That’s a lot of /’s.

Even with all this Stuff to Do, and more time available to me in which to play this game I love, I’m trying not to get burnt out. I’m sure it will happen, it’s happened with me every expansion, happens to most everyone, every expansion.  It’s there, looming, and people handle it and deal with it in different ways. I’ll probably do what I end up doing, which is just not play it for a few days, get obsessed with another game, and then be like ‘Oh yeah, WoW, I miss that. C’mere, you” Cuz I’m crazy.

What about you? How are you dealing with burnout? Or are you merrily raiding along, perhaps on an alt, in a different role, and mixing it up that way? I’m going to try to get better about responding to comments. I read them all, I just do that thing where I mentally reply and don’t actually type anything, like 90% of the texts I receive.



5 thoughts on “The Freedom of Summer

  1. I’ve been bringing up alts and working on professions to see how they are going to go in WoD – at least I’ll have a good foundation going – the only thing that I am not going to even try to level up is my engineer – got so burned out that I actually deleted him, he wasn’t a high level character and I found that I truly hated engineering.


  2. Surprisingly, I haven’t been burnt out of WoW (yet). I am a very goal oriented person, so I have slowly been working towards my longer term ones in the expansion lull. Also, it seems that every time I finish all my goals, I find a new one to complete! Right now, I’m attempting to gear up my only lonely horde priest, though it’s been slow going due to lack of playtime. I was also thinking about trying PvP…. 🙂


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