A Day in the Life

It’s funny how some of my posts/post ideas so far have been written down, planned out, I’ve done a rough draft, then I type it up and click publish. Today’s post however, stems from a conversation I was having with a coworker  who asked me: “But what do you DO in WoW? Like other than raid or whatever. What’s something you do consistently, pretty much every time you log in?”

I’m a very routine-oriented person. I like my comfort zones, not to say I don’t like doing new things, but I have my way of doing the things I do (much like anyone else I suppose). This is my normal little ‘routine’ before I move on to whatever my actual goal is for the day. Like most humans, I work, try to be social, and also want play other games, or read, or clean my house, or eat food on occasion. So sometimes my time is limited. But here’s what (lately) I do every time I log in, without fail!

First off,  I log in on my ‘lock and head to my farm. I’m working on getting the Engineering mounts and pets done, so I have got a farm full of Snakeroot (linky). So exciting! After harvesting,  plowing the fields, replanting, getting rid of the weeds and pesky vermin, I’m off to my next task.



It was a rainy morning in Halfhill


Dailies! First I tackle the ones around Halfhill. They’re easy, money is always a nice thing to have, and it gives me a chance to do a couple sweeps for Dark Soil (linky).  I am forever working on my reputation for the various factions in MoP. When I was raiding with my guild, I just did the bare minimum to get the rep I needed, then stopped doing it.

I turned in my dailies, gave dirt encrusted gifts to select NPC’s. I got a new BFF and I think this is going to be the start of a beautiful drunken friendship.



Now I fly back to the Shrine and start crafting! I smelt all the trillium from my farm, usually only a handful of bars, mail those off to my Alchemist (monk) for her to transmute to Living Steel. Then I smelt 10 Ghost Iron bars, turn those into a Jard’s Peculiar Energy Source.

And we’re done. I usually hop on my monk and do that transmute, then I figure out what else I want to accomplish that day.  Normally I’ll run one or two LFR’s, until I can’t stand it anymore, do a random set of dailies, then I either level an alt or work on leveling my pets to 25. No, I still haven’t done that, hush.

I find it interesting, now that we’re in the lull, to see what other people are doing to pass the time. I’ve met a great many people through this blog and Twitter, from all walks of life, and it’s cool getting their input on something we all share in common. Seeing how different people view the game, their time in the game, and what their goals and tasks are when they log in for a few minutes, or for the whole day.

Do you log in every day with a plan, with a little routine before you start whatever you want to get accomplished, or do you just wing it? Do you log in, power through LFR, get valor capped, then not log in for the rest of the week?


Also, I recently imported my blog posts from my old blog to this one, so if you want to read my pre-NBI posts, they are April and earlier !


Have a great weekend!




2 thoughts on “A Day in the Life

  1. My routine in WoW is first to learn another glyph on my scribe. Even though not all the glyphs are useful, and some will be going away in the next expansion, it’s still satisfying to learn them all and to be able to say to a random person in Trade chat, “Why, yes, I can create that for you!”

    Next in the list is my priest, whom I fly from Halfhill to the Silken Fields to create one Imperial Silk. Every twelve days I can create a 28-slot Royal Satchel bag. I have lots of Windwool cloth, and even though there are murmurs and rumblings about a larger bag becoming available in Warlords, these satchel bags are still useful and easy to make (even though it’s slow because I can only create one Imperial Silk per day).

    On all my 90s I harvest herbs daily to send to my alchemist 90 to create flasks. Since I only raid on my mage and priest, the intellect ones go to those toons, while I create a few others to sell on the Auction House. Yes, I deeply undercut those flasks listed in order to get quick sales and give raiders a discount who don’t get their flasks from their various guild banks.

    Sometimes I’ll putter around on a lowbie alt, slowly leveling one at leisure Just Because. Sometimes I’ll run an LFR or join a Flex group to get valor points. Or I’ll level a battle pet. Still haven’t leveled enough to create a pet team to tackle the Timeless Isle pet battle challenge, so there’s still that to do.

    Some may grumble about the pre-expansion lull, but I don’t mind it because it gives me a chance to enjoy the multitude of activities that exist in WoW. I know that once Warlords is released, I’m going to be concentrating on either my priest or my mage (don’t yet know which will be first) to level the toon to 100 and start raiding, in order to not be left behind in my guild’s raid team. The alts will languish until the team has conquered the new content.


    • We are such kindred spirits, it’s scary sometimes. We’ve talked about it at length, haha, but we both like having our ‘army of alts’ with the professions we need, as well as the recipes we need, at hand whenever we want them. I like knowing I don’t have to wait for a guildie or a friend to get online to fill an order!

      I’m not really sure yet what I’m doing as far as raiding in WoD, I’ll of course level and get my lock ready for whatever is thrown at me though!


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