Giving Myself Permission to be a Beginner


I was talking to Alternative Chat this morning and she referred me to this article by Belghast and it got me thinking. Up until today really, I’ve been running with the idea that every post I make has to be the Best Post Ever. It should be engaging, thought provoking, I should teach people things! After speaking with her, and reading that blog post, I’ve changed my tune. Part of learning how to do ANYTHING is practice, practice, practice.  You have to allow yourself to make mistakes, to grow, to evolve.  You have to do it until it’s second nature, then all of a sudden it’s there, it’s a presence, and the comfort level is there. I know for me, being an introvert makes all this kind of slightly more difficult, I have a semi big fear of putting myself out there, of separating from the herd. But I find writing is a good outlet for my thoughts and feelings. That and writing about something I know and enjoy makes it that much easier to say it and get it out there.

 I need to get myself on a schedule of writing, because I know myself, and I’ll procrastinate till a month has gone by and I only have 3 posts. *makes a note*

 As I mentioned in my last post, I’m working towards getting that legendary cloak on at least my main, and generally gearing her and seeing all the content there is to see during this lull. There seems to be more guild members online lately, which is a good sign! This week I am going to try my best to get in and do as much LFR as I can stomach, although with school wrapping up I might be busier than I expect!

 I’ve been working on getting transmog gear (post incoming) for my hunter, and I’m also leveling up my panda monk.  I have an army of alts, so although this blog is Warlock themed, I’ll be writing about them as well. I like being self-sufficient with professions, so although I may not ‘do’ anything with them, I have professions maxed and four level 90’s currently.

 Back to the initial topic (I ramble, working on that ^.^).

 I’m going to schedule myself two ‘set’ weekly blog posts, that I’ll work on in advance (or not). Others, like this one, will be irregular and more improvised. But I am also allowing myself the freedom to do whatever I like, with the minimum of the two set posts, so some weeks you might get sick of me, while others I’ll just do the two.

 Huge thank you for the comments and feedback and follows so far, I truly do appreciate it, and I cannot stress enough the warm fuzzies I get when I get those emails notifying me that you are reading and commenting and following me. It’s a huge boost of confidence, and is helping me become slightly more fearless in my writing and sharing.

 Yes, I know warlocks are supposed to be the ones fearing, not the ones being afraid, but just go along with it!



5 thoughts on “Giving Myself Permission to be a Beginner

  1. Hello fellow NBI’er! Thanks for posting this article! I hadn’t run across it yet and there are definitely some excellent words of wisdom in there. I’m just starting out too and I haven’t really given a posting schedule much thought, its a good idea so I don’t fall back onto my procrastinating ways.


  2. My trick for writing, is just to jot down every idea you get, and save them in one place. Try and write out articles in advance, especially if you have an idea in mind! You will find that stock piling articles comes in handy if you ever suffer writing blocks.

    Also, write about what you want to write about! Try different styles of writing, and in different voices. It’s your blog, and you can truly post whatever you want! Don’t worry about what other think if it’s what you want to write. Be confident and well spoken and people will read and respond. Go for it!!

    If you ever need any blogging advice, feel free to contact me at my blog or twitter! I’m always open to helping out newer (because I’m not really an old pro 😛 ) bloggers! Good luck!


    • Aww thank you for the reply! I love your blog, and I feel like such a newbie in my writing style, but I’m trying to get better!

      I’m finding that helps, writing things down. I can flesh out a rough draft, then go on my computer and type it out before I post it on here. I like too, taking a day or a few hours, then looking back at it before I post it.


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