Demonic Circle: Teleport

Well hi there!



I have moved my blog from to this site!


The other site only had a few posts on it, true, but I think I really lacked the confidence and motivation to want to get it to work. After chatting with people both in the real world and via the interwebs, here I am. New image, new name*, new me! (Unfortunately I’m still the same, sorry. )


Here be some words!


My goal with this blog:


To share my sarcastic, hopefully entertaining insight into the World of Warcraft, and possibly other games, with all of you! I’m a casual player, for sure, so if you’re looking for hardcore boss strategies and crazy complicated class breakdowns and charts and numbers, this isn’t your site, sorry. You’ll join me as I frolic about on my army of alts, exploring Draenor, figuring out what I’m going to do insofar as raiding in the next expansion, maybe even on a new main? Nah, probably not. I love (fear) my warlock far too much to give her up (give up on her) that easily!  I’ll mess around with pet battles, PvP, transmog for SURE is something I really want to delve into, and I’ll only expand further in WoD, into garrisons, etc.


Trying to keep this short and sweet- I really am excited about this, I’m still a little scared, I’m going to be putting myself and my words out there in a greater capacity than I have before, but I feel confident enough in my knowledge and joy I find in this game, through all 7 or 8 years I’ve played it, and I hope I can convey that properly and be entertaining to boot!


I’m mulling over a possible schedule of posts, details to follow…


Thanks for reading, and see you in Azeroth =)


Feel free to follow me on Twitter (my handle is in the sidebar thataway —–>)

Also, I welcome any and all feedback!




*full credit for name and my awesome header going to the quite talented Alternative Chat/Faff Mistress/Whoever she is this week =D


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