Well, I’m apparently a spaz.

*edit, thought I posted this on Sunday but I broke everything and yeah, here it is*

Sunday thoughts as I sit in airports-

Shall we? 

I’m feeling scattered. 

Alts everywhere, different servers, real id so can chat with friends both old and new, but still feeling randomly lost at times. My guild is a ghost town, hoping that will change closer to WoD but honestly who knows? I’ve bounced around to 3 servers now officially on my main raiding toon, am I due for another move? I’m not a good enough player to apply to some elite raiding guild, just want a place to call home haha. Feel like I sound like a huge loser, but I don’t think anyone wants to play an mmo and feel alone.

In regards to boosted 90’s for all 2 of you that care about my opinion:

LFR is basically hellish now, I personally don’t care about the boosted 90s in the respect that I’m upset with ‘low’ dps or inexperienced tanks and heals, I remember how it was when I was a new max level, I didn’t learn everything day one! Numbers are low because they’re in boosted gear, HOWEVER I still think it’s up to the responsibility of the player to learn what they can about the class and how it’s played before they jump right into it with 24 other strangers. But I’m not going to rage in raid chat, post pictures on Twitter, etc. it is what it is, if it helps people get back into WoW that’s great!

Patience people. 

Learning curves. 

However. I still need to finish a lot this expac! Don’t have the legendary cloak on my main, still want to max out a couple professions, forever working on getting an alliance character to 90. Oh and pets to level 25. Oh and finish Seige and kill Garrosh. Many tasks, handle it! 

On a different tack –

Life is settling down into a semi steady rhythm. Friends are getting better with staying in touch and making plans, school is still tough but we are at the halfway point! 

This airport coffee tastes kind of bad but I paid about a hundred dollars for it so I’m drinking it dammit. 

Have a good one!

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