Names are Hard.

Happy Thursday ! I’m trying to establish a schedule with myself insofar as posting, so we’ll see how that goes.

*edit, now Friday, life happened; so far, totally not on schedule argh*


 I’ve been jotting down notes, brainstorming, waking up at odd hours and grabbing a pencil, scribbling something, then waking up in the morning and trying to decipher it. Yay writing! It feels so wonderful to actually get all these ideas on paper/typed out, even if it’s not the most coherent thing in the world right now.


This is really my first foray into writing, other than the usual ‘creative writing’ classes at school. I’m enjoying the process immensely so far, although the thing I seem to be having the hardest time with (right now) is names. People, places, things.


Now, since it’s a fantasy story, I suppose I could throw all the ‘rules’ to the wind and name my characters or places whatever I damn well feel like, but I want it to make sense and blend somewhat. I don’t want some fancy, flowing fantasy name, then have that person talking to Bob.  Or does that matter? I’ve been looking into a theme, Greek names, European names, etc, and I’ve found some in each that appeal to me.


I do have my main characters names ironed out, complete with nicknames. Those few names fit, make sense, and (to me) sound well together. I have the name of my land, name of a few places/towns within it. Should I even worry about that stuff now? Should I just throw in placeholder names, and as I write the story see if something leaps out of the words at me?  I feel like I should just power through, keep writing the story, not focus so much on it. Like anything else, I suppose, the less you think about it the more likely it is to jump up and go ‘HEY PAY ATTENTION’


Like Navi.


Sorry, not sorry.


*gets back on track*


I also have to remember that I’m working on this for fun, that with everything else (school, my new condo, work) this has to get squeezed into my free time.


This little snag has not dampened my spirits, nor has it effected my desire to get this story, this world, out of my crazy little brain and onto paper. I’m sure many more snags will be ran into, and I’ll look back on this in a month or so, shake my head, and laugh.


‘Till then, onward, ever onward!





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