Finding my niche…

I’ve been trying to keep up with posting once a week, to get myself on a schedule. ‘Tis difficult though. I find myself wondering what to write, as far as I know this is an ‘invisible’ blog and I haven’t had any viewers other than one or two close friends. I’m trying to figure out where I want to go with this, is it a gaming blog, is it a whatever interests me blog, what am I doing. 

I’m constantly impressed/amazed by the volume of other blogs out there, ranging in all kinds of topics, from those who seem to do it casually to those who know absolutely everything about anything (or so it seems). Makes me feel pressured that my blog has to be THE BEST at something, even though I know that’s highly unrealistic.

So I sit here, sipping my coffee on Valentine’s Day morning- wondering what I’m to post about. And perhaps I just came up with my topic-

I’ve always felt slightly out of place. I was the nerdy girl in high school, for sure. Not a ton of friends, 100% devoted to my grades, got a lot of pressure from one set of my parents, I though that getting good grades was the most important thing, forget about being involved in clubs other than academic ones. Sports? Not for this gal. Dating? Boys, what, ew, no.

I went to the completely wrong college for the completely wrong degree program the first time around. It was 5 hours away from home, my parents were divorced and living a thousand miles away from each other, so I was used to traveling, but that was my first time AWAY. I majored in Theatre, which was fun, but not really a career unless I struck gold, which I wasn’t going to, due to my lack of acting ability, according to my professors. Also a fun thing to hear at 19/20, that the degree you really want, isn’t for you, and you should probably look into other options. Thanks.

Now I’m working mostly full time, back in college, still without a lot of friends, recently moved about half an hour away from home into my own house, which is wonderful, but the loneliness is kicking back in. I think that’s why I enjoy MMO’s so much, especially WoW. I can keep in touch with all the friends I’ve made over the last few years in-game, and ‘hang out’ in a non pressure setting. Oh yeah, I’m also a massive introvert. So there’s that.

Whew. Got that off my chest.

So now I find myself in the blogosphere, trying to figure out where I fit in- only, I don’t have to fit in, do I? I can make my own way, do my own thing, if I gain a little following that’s fantastic, but if I don’t, ah well.

Thanks for reading, have a great day =)


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