Wandering Thoughts…



I am such an altoholic. I’ve gotten my little warlock to level 20, found a guild, haven’t gotten much into RP yet, but I’m still learning my way around the Alliance zones (and especially capital cities), so I’m okay with that. 

My one gripe so far, is that even without heirlooms, even with the minimum of rest experience, I’m still far outleveling the zones I’m in. I can see now how it’s downright impossible for people, even the first time through, to learn the lore, to understand the why and the how of the ‘kill ten rats’ quests. I literally JUST got to Redridge Mountains, and the first NPC I get to is like ‘HEY GO HERE NOW THANKS’ and wants to send me to Duskwood. Sir, no thank you. 

Going back to my altoholic statement: I now want to craft the Sky Golem on my main, also a warlock, but a Hordie. So I’ve been leveling my alchemist so that she can level her professions, all the while missing my baby human. 

Something that’s interesting to me too, is the why and how of me wanting to have eleventy billion alts, while other people manage to just play one or two characters. Maybe for me it’s that I want to be self-sufficient in my crafting, or maybe more possibly just that I get bored with one class and want to try another. I’ve never been a ‘great’ player, I’m average at best, I’ve stuck with ranged DPS because it’s comfortable, and also because my warlock main is quite fun. I’ve never been at the top of the meters, never been in the position that people have come to me going ‘wow how do you do that’ or ‘what’s your secret’ like I have done with other players. I wonder if that reflects too into my personal life, me not being sure of my career path, being unsure in general of school, dating, etc. 

Sorry if I’m rambling or being random, but not sorry, my blog. Dammit.

I’ve been really getting into watching other players livestream, listening to podcasts, stalking them on Twitter (jk only kind of not really), basically immersing myself in this culture that so far I’ve only been a part of in-game. I would like to start streaming, have done a little bit with just a couple close friends, but I’m almost scared to do that, because my first though is who wants to watch ME do that when there are all these other amazing/funny/good players doing the same thing.

WTB self confidence, pst.

Happy Monday, all!



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